Georgina Jeffries Interior Design is a boutique design studio based in coastal Victoria. The studio realises residential and retail spaces instilled with a sense of cohesive beauty and timeless elegance, balancing charming appeal with a sanctuary like quality.

Founded by Georgina Jeffries, our studio is anchored by the collective belief that the environments we inhabit should enhance liveability. That our homes can be crafted to reflect a rich and tactile canvas to form a backdrop to life’s everyday moments nurtured within. We design spaces that engage with the unique desires of our clients to evoke an essence of nostalgia, refuge and occasion – facets that resonate with the concept of home.


Georgina Jeffries grew up with creativity instilled in her by parents who defined her upbringing within the artistic space. This influence evolved to a vocation that began within the esteemed walls of Hecker Guthrie and matured as the inception of her own studio. Informed by her cross-disciplinary journey – which has seen Georgina work equally within large scale hospitality projects an collaborative endeavours within the commercial design space – Georgina Jeffries Interior Design has emerged as a highly intuitive studio with solid foundations.

Placing emphasis on proportion, light and balance, Georgina Jeffries unites an elevated materiality with seamless functionality, exercising a considered level of restraint to ensure each project is imbued with the sensorial and spatial expectations of each client. It is through this intimately tailored engagement, that eschews trend to instead harness personal expectation and an essence of sophisticated refinement, that we can ultimately create spaces of beauty.