Georgina Jeffries Interior Design offers a full service that consists of six project stages.

Each works autonomously to incorporate the finer details of our multi-faceted approach to the design, construction and management of each project, while simultaneously forming part of the larger poetics at play.

This manages seamless transitions between phases to establish and maintain momentum whilst ensuring the client remains informed and engaged from start to finish.



During this phase, we establish the visual language of your design. We refine the dialogue between designer and client to reach a concept that will ultimately inform the intent, aesthetics and layout of your space.

Design Development
This is where the creative direction of the design is developed further to incorporate drawn details to articulate the schematic idea. An initial drawing package is completed to unite concepts in a way that addresses the navigation of the space, placement of joinery and inclusion of all necessary elements that render a house a home and a tenancy a productive commercial endeavour.

Tender Documentation
Once the design has been resolved, it is time to engage the specialist team that will bring the project from concept to bricks and mortar reality. During this stage, we source the builder, trades and specialist contractors required to undertake the construction of the project.

Construction Documentation
During the Construction Documentation phase, the approved Design Development is documented across a complete drawing package, including schedules and all details, to form comprehensive instructions required for the builder, trades and specialist contractors to begin construction.

Contract Admin
Managing the intricacies of design and construction is a multi-faceted process that requires the negotiation, administration and knowledgable handling of the contractual details unique to each project.

This vital stage ensures the project remains on time and on budget with informed consideration and support given to each element and its role within the larger scope of the project.

Styling FF&E
The procurement and placement of furniture, styling and artwork is a phase that integrates the narrative of a design project within its built aspects and ensures a cohesion across the interior spaces in line with the clients personal style.

This final phase of a project is the culmination of the original design intent and the consideration and inclusion of curated pieces that will render the space usable, beautiful and complete.